Essential oil tips and tricks, Get started on your essential oil journey

Essential oils for beautiful, healthy, and younger looking skin

Essential oils were used in beauty treatments as far back as the Egyptians, maybe even longer. There are also references relating to their use in China at around the Egyptian era, and in India for Ayurvedic purposes even earlier! So let’s have a look at some of the beautiful oils which are used to help […]

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A ‘win-win-win’ situation!

‘It’s like a win-win-win situation’, George, a vetiver partner from Haiti, said in the video ‘Co-Impact Sourcing: Lifting Communities’. I’d love to invite you to spend just 5 minutes watching it. It’s incredibly heartwarming and inspiring. His comment made me stop and think… did he mean win-win? (He was, after all, speaking beautiful English, which […]

Essential oil tips and tricks, Get started on your essential oil journey

How are you feeling? Essential oils to help mood

When I first discovered essential oils I was so excited to find they actually did help to support my mood and emotions. And this became one of my top reasons for working with doTERRA – Experiencing these benefits made me passionate to share the essential oils with others, and I love hearing about others’ positive experiences. […]


Plant Based Mexican Dish

This dish provides a great base for all sorts of things including nachos and burritos. We love it as a simple Mexican dish served with a really simple guacamole (recipe below) and a salad goes well with it too.   What you’ll need: Red kidney beans – 2 cans (I love the ‘Honest to Goodness’ […]

Essential oil tips and tricks

Essential Oils for Fertility

Did you know that certain essential oils can be used to help support your hormonal balance and can support your fertility? For this post, I’m using doTERRA’s ClaryCalm as a starting point, looking at some of the ingredients benefits and their properties. This blend is designed to support women during their menstrual cycle. The majority […]