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Feeling overwhelmed?

Oh my goodness, that feeling of overwhelm is horrible isn’t it! Waking up in the morning already feeling behind… You want to banish those feelings quick! But how? Here’s a few simple steps which can definitely help… We’ll consider three key areas: Physical ‘stuff’ Mental   Time Physical ‘stuff’ Declutter ‘Stuff’ seems to accumulate everywhere… and […]


Simplest Plant Based Curry Ever!

We’re eating a plant-based diet right now, and loving how it makes us feel. Here is a really simple but super tasty curry recipe.   What you need: 1 Garlic clove – chopped 1 Onion – chopped 1 cups of Mushroom – sliced 1.5 cups of Sweet potato, chopped and steamed in thermomix or on […]

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How and When to Use Essential Oils

There are three ways to use essential oils for their benefits. Topically using either a compress, a spray, in a bath or massage, (note we recommend to dilute oils when using topically). Inhalation using either a diffuser, steam inhalation, dry evaporation, or a spray. Internal via oral ingestion  (always check that the oil is suitable […]

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12 Keys to Healthy Cooking

Healthy cooking doesn’t need to get complicated, feel free to try the keys in any order you like. And remember that little steps taken consistently is a powerful way to successful habit change. 1 – Drink more water Studies suggest that a lot of us walk around dehydrated. Water makes up a large proportion of our […]


The Best Thermy Dahl Curry

I ran out of the ingredients for my normal dahl one evening so I made one up!… And it was the yummiest I’ve ever made! Here’s the recipe… One quick note: I made mine in my thermomix but you could make it on the stove. Just bear in mind the cooking times etc. here are […]

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Freezer Smoothie Packs

So… I love a smoothie in the morning. But I don’t always have time or the ingredients for exactly what I want… they can be a bit fiddly when you are in a rush. Here’s one solution I adore. I like to make a week’s worth in one go so here’s what to do. Simply […]

Essential oil tips and tricks, Get started on your essential oil journey, Happy Mind

Carrier Oils 101

Carrier oils are used for two purposes with essential oils: Diluting the oils ‘Carrying the oil’ – allowing it to be more evenly and smoothly applied to skin. Other benefits include: Moisturising properties    Slowing down the evaporation of your essential oil from your skin (so you may actually absorb more when using a carrier […]

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12 Steps to Better Health

Here is a super quick and helpful tool to help you identify any areas of your life which may be need attention to help reduce STRESS. We know stress can be a major contributor to poor health so working to reduce it can be incredibly powerful in a multitude of ways. A few guidelines with […]