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Freezer Smoothie Packs

So… I love a smoothie in the morning. But I don’t always have time or the ingredients for exactly what I want… they can be a bit fiddly when you are in a rush. Here’s one solution I adore. I like to make a week’s worth in one go so here’s what to do. Simply […]

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Simple Acai Berry Bowl

Lately I have had a bit of an obsession with Acai berry bowls (fruit and anything icy cold have both been favourites of mine throughout my pregnancy). This dish is so simple to make and can create such a simple yummy breakfast or snack. I have kept this recipe really simple however feel free to […]


Warming superfood quinoa porridge

Winter is almost here and with the colder weather I have been craving warm hearty breakfasts. Introducing my new favourite breaky- Quinoa porridge. This is super simple to make and really easy to upgrade to a super food feast, what a great way to start the day! What you will need: 2 cup of quinoa 1 cup […]

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Originally Published 04.05.14 Good morning my beautiful followers. Today your in for a treat! This morning I made up a my favourite simple recipe which uses chia seeds – Vanilla Choc Chia Pudding. Did you know the chia seed which comes in either white, dark brown or black in colour has a huge nutritional profile. It contains […]