Slow cooker lentil and rice dish

This recipe is great as you can just chuck everything in your slow cooker and let it bubble away without a worry in the world! With the weather warming up I’m sure I will be posting more salads and light meals, however I thought I would quickly post this simple hearty dish as I am […]

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Easy Chicken Wraps

This is the perfect recipe for those nights when you just want to throw an easy meal together with no fuss. These wraps are simple, easy and delicious. What you need: -1 BBQ chicken (alternatively you can bake 2 or 3 organic chicken breast fillets for 30minutes on 180 Degrees Celsius) -1 can of 4 […]

Dinner, Lunch

Savoury Mince

  This recipe is really simple and easy- perfect for a mid week dinner. The best part is you can make a huge batch and it is perfect to take for lunches or freeze in batches ready to defrost for a quick meal.   What you need: Tbsp of coconut oil 1 large onion chopped […]


The Perfect Lamb Roast

I love Sundays and I especially love Sundays when I am surrounding by amazing friends and family. Last Sunday we had a few friends over for a roast with some yummy salads and baked veges. This roast recipe was originally inspired by my husband’s best mate Benny. Many times we have enjoyed this meal sitting […]


Simple Chicken, Tomato and Parsley Dish

This is a lovely simple dish, feel free to substitute the vegetables with any veg you have in the fridge. This recipe is packed full of nutrients and is super yummy.   What you need: Tbsp coconut oil 500grams chicken breast or thigh, cubed 1 medium onion, chopped 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 can […]

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Paleo Bread

Lately all I have wanted to eat is peanut butter on toast! As I am gluten intolerant, I came up with this awesome recipe which completely satisfies my craving. This gluten free bread recipe that is packed with protein. My favourite way to eat this delicious bread is toasted with tahini or peanut butter and […]