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Healthy Coconut Ice

I have this great memory of Coconut Ice from when I was a child. We were at a small family reunion and someone had bought along a large bowl of Coconut Ice squares and I remember sneaking up to the table many times to gobble as much of the bowl as I possibly could – […]


Cashew Cheese Cucumber Bites

I love finger food but since becoming gluten and dairy intolerant, I find it very difficult to find suitable foods to eat at parties. This is an excellent simple and easy recipe for you to take to your next event and at the same time impress your friends, proving yet again healthy foods can be […]

Dessert, Snacks

Yummy Healthy Choc Mousse

Today I woke up and all I craved was CHOCOLATE! But I had run out of our stash L luckily I made this yummy dairy free gluten free chocolate mousse which satisfied those cravings immediately. The best part is that it is highly nutritious with lots of yummy goodness!   What you need:   2 […]

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Paleo Bread

Lately all I have wanted to eat is peanut butter on toast! As I am gluten intolerant, I came up with this awesome recipe which completely satisfies my craving. This gluten free bread recipe that is packed with protein. My favourite way to eat this delicious bread is toasted with tahini or peanut butter and […]